When summer hits and the sun in shinning the swimming pool is our best friend.  However, when fall begins to move in and the temperature changes it becomes time to close up the pool for a long winters nap.  The process of winterizing and de-winterizing your pool manheim pa is a vial step to ensure that pipes don’t burst, the lining doesn’t split or the base of your pool crack open.  Having this happen will really ruin your summer fun.

Lower your water levels

winterizing and de-winterizing your pool manheim pa

The most important thing you will want to do is lower the water levels.  When your pool was constructed your contractor should have given you some maintenance information on how to prepare your pool for winter.  If they didn’t or you can’t find it contact them.  This information will tell you how much water is needed or required at the bottom of the pool.  Make sure that this level is achieved before moving forward.

Clean the pool

When your water is lowered to its proper depth you will want to clean the pool.  Do this by scrubbing down the sides, skimming out the leaves and adding the proper chemicals needed to keep the remaining water from freezing or growing bacteria. 

Drain pool equipment and flush out your lines

When storing your pool equipment make sure that everything is free of water.  All of your hoses should be clear, vacuums, pumps and all other equipment clean.  The skimmer and pumps should also be free of water.  The only water that should be in the pool is what you left in the bottom.

Cover the pool

Covering the pool is another critical step.  When covering the pool you want to make sure that the cover won’t sink into the pool.  With the weight of snow, blowing winds and other factors your cover may begin to sag and come lose.  If this happens it could fall into the pool which will be a big mess.

Prepare before the big storm

You never know when winter will really hit.  Even a really cold day where there is ice forming can cause damage to your pipes and pool.  Make sure to give yourself enough time to winterize your pool.  You don’t want to get caught off guard.